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What are the eligibility criteria for registering this domain name?

The registration of .ECO requires your confirmation as a registrant to understand and agree with .ECO Registry Policy. By checking the box below, you agree that you fulfill the eligibility criteria as the registrant:

Domain Registration Eligibility Summary for .eco

Eligibility requirements

In order to register or renew a .eco domain name the applicant must be part of the membership of .eco and satisfy either category below:


Not-for-profit mission-based organisations, both small and large, that work for the good of the planet.

Not-for-profit environmental organisations that affirm and can provide proof on request of their: Environmental mission/purpose and their legal status; and

Accreditation as such by United Nations agencies


For-profit businesses of all sizes committed to providing products and services that encourage positive environmental change.

Membership in environmental organisations and initiatives including: i) Organisations that fall under the categories in 1(a) or (b); or ii) The United Nations Global Compact; or iii) Other memberships approved by the .eco Organisation

Accreditation by voluntary environmental certifications, standards and reporting systems of: i) Organisations that fall under the categories in 1(a) or (b); or ii) UN member states, national and sub-national governmental bodies and entities; or iii) The International Organisation for Standardization; or iv) Other certification, standards and reporting systems approved by the .eco Organisation.


Government bodies that support sustainability through programs, infrastructure and funding amongst other policies and actions.

Governments, including environment-related departments and initiatives of UN member states, national and sub-national governmental bodies, and UN bodies

Natural Person

People who participate in and support environmental change through membership, financial support or donating their time, as well environmental professionals who contribute to positive environmental change through their work.

affirm and can provide proof on request of membership of, financial support for, volunteer time for, or accreditation by organisations within categories in 1(a) or (b); or,

are holders of certified environmental professional qualifications approved by the .eco Organisation; or c) are academics or scientists employed by or affiliated with recognized universities.

Farms and Agricultural

Farms and other producers of agricultural products that achieve EU organic production and labelling standards.

Any entity providing evidence of full compliance with the requirements of European Union Regulation (EC) No 834/20071, shall be eligible to become a .eco Registrant.

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