How do I take a backup of a cPanel hosting service?

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Taking a backup of cPanel hosting services periodically is an excellent idea and it covers you in the unlikely event of data loss. Taking a backup is a very easy process which provides peace of mind. Please see these steps for taking a full cPanel backup:

  1. Login to the cPanel hosting service.
  2. Click Backup Wizard.
  3. Click Backup.
  4. Select Full Backup.
  5. Leave Backup Destination set to Home Directory and enter your email address. Click Generate Backup.
  6. Wait until it completes and you receive the confirmation email – this can take some time if you have a large number of files.
  7. Once it’s finished go back to your cPanel home and click Backup.
  8. Click “Download or Generate a Full Website Backup”.
  9. Download the backup archive listed, it will have a timestamp from when you completed step 5.
  10. Once you have completed the download, using FTP or File Manager please delete the download archive from your home directory on the server.

Please ensure you store your backup archive in a safe and secure location either on your computer or a remote location. If you require the backup archive restored you may lodge a support request through our support system

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