Domain Registration Requirements for .xxx


What are the eligibility criteria for registering this domain name?


The .xxx domain extension is a sponsored Top Level Domain (sTLD) available for use by those operating within the online adult entertainment industry and associated sectors.


Once you have submitted your order for your .xxx domain name registration you will be automatically contacted by the ICM Registry who manage its namespace.


You will then enrol with them to become a member of the adult Sponsored Community to ensure you will be using the .xxx domain for a suitable purpose.


Upon successful completion of this registration you will receive your new member number/ID token.


With your member number/ID token in hand you will then email us this number and we will apply the number to your domain registration. Once that process has been completed your domain name will be fully available and allow you to set your name servers as you require.


Please note: to have a fully functional .xxx domain for your website, you will need to complete the adult Sponsored Community registration to obtain your member number/ID.

if you wish to register your domain simply for brand protection purposes you may register the domain without the followup adult Sponsored Community registration; the domain will remain as inactive. 

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