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I need SSH Access
We can help you get SSH access, this is on a per-server basis. Once we turn it on for you, SSH will then be available to you on the designated port using your cPanel username and password   A Few Poin...
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Can i block a IP from seeing my website?
Yes, you can block IP's from your website, this can include individuals, Bots and whole countries. To Access IP Blocking. 1. Login into cPanel 2. Go to Ip Deny Manager Icon 3. Enter the
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Can the PHP configuration be changed?
Yes you can change the configuration of the PHP environment through the use of the PHP Selector on a per cPanel web hosting service basis.
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How do I create a cron job?
To create a cron job in cPanel is quite easy, yet it provides excellent functionality by allowing the execution of scripts at set times.
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