Phone Lines / Business Operations Limited – Advisory Notice

Service Status

Event Name: Phone Lines / Business Operations Limited

Status: Current
Type: Advisory Notice
Service: Other

Start Date and Time: Wednesday the 1st September 2021 8am
ETR: Wednesday the 1st September 2021 4pm

Event Details
We have been advised by NBN Co that they will be performing Network Updates on Wednesday the 1st September 2021 between 8am to 4pm (Melbourne Time)

This will mean our phone lines may be down and our office may not have internet if our backup link fails.

You can call our office number: 03 9029 3198 and leave a message, which will be sent to us via email, Alternately you can email us via our website.

Our emergency number will remain active and will be forwarded and answered during the outage time.

Customer Hosting and our Business website will remain online.

This is only a hazard notification, as customers shouldn’t see any issues, however, please be aware that there is a chance ticket replies may be delayed during this time.

We apologise for any inconvenience.

Will there be further updates on this status? Only if planned works run after the ETR

Should you have any questions, please contact us via phone 03 9029 3198 or via our support ticketing system.

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